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To make the potential of the internet accessible

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16 years of digital experience.

Support your digital solution with Europe's largest Liferay development practice. As a certified Liferay Service Platinum Multinational Partner, we have delivered more than 200 project for enterprises and governments across Europe.

  • Liferay, Ibexa implementation and customer-centric software development services 
  • Agile development with enterprise-level ways of working
  • Specialised in interactive websites, self-service portals and B2B commerce solutions.
  • References from government and healthcare solutions to manufacturing, finance, insurance and banking 
  • Team of 60 specialists, HUNDREDS of enterprise projects completed
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Liferay implementation services

Liferay is one of the best
digital experience platforms. Professional, popular, universal.
Webtown has one of the best Liferay development teams in the world, with over a decade of experience and expertise to help you become even more powerful and effective.

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Bespoke software development

Sometimes you cannot use standardised solutions to serve your business. Sometimes your unique needs have to meet tailored solutions. Webtown can equip your organisation with the perfect target tool so that nothing stands in the way of success.

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UX/UI & graphic design

Even the best software is a useless collection of code without a good surface, but Webtown is here to provide you with the best user interfaces to keep your customers, colleagues and partners happy and engaged.

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Ibexa implementation services

Ibexa is probably the best platform for organisations with content-heavy online appearance. Personalisation, B2B commerce, omnichannel digital experience and tons of other features. Where content means business.

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Featured case study

A customer champion delivers enhanced digital experience

Delivering a great digital customer experience is no easy task. Here's the story about Paul, a customer champion who set our on a mission to ensure that the bank's customers would get the best possible experience via its website.

Case study highlights

Learn how KBC Bank Ireland delivered enhanced customer experience that out-performed the previous one with a 30% higher conversion rate:
  • How they rellied customer champions to support the project
  • How they did agile delivery based on real customer feedback
  • How they worked in real partnership to deliver for the end customer
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