UX / UI & Visual Design

Software is nothing without ease of use and a cool interface

Backend is nothing without frontend

User Experience, User Interface and Visual Design
so that the surface goes hand in hand with
the best software background.

Even the best software is a useless collection of code without a good surface, but Webtown is here to provide you with the best user interfaces to keep your customers, colleagues and partners happy and engaged.

UX design is not magic, but science.
Based on analysis, measurement, design, testing, redesign and retesting for the very best user experience.

Let me be more precise

The best interface is a kind of mixture of science and art

We need to know what the users needin order to be happy to use the end product. It's important to define the product goals so that we can design an interface that best serves the software.
Scope & Structure
Scope is about features and content requirements. Structure is for the users. It's about interaction design and information architecture and helps you to be well organised.
Skeleton is the tool that makes you feel how the product will look like. It's like a floor plan for your new home. But about information, interface and navigation.

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