Raiffeisen Bank Hungary

Enhanced possibilities with a customer portal - built on Liferay


Faced with an aging customer support portal, Raiffeisen Bank sought a new and modern web content management system and portal solution that would accelerate its business processes and involved minimal day-to-day maintenance.
The bank faced the challenge of finding a solution that would provide web content management functions such as integration, SEO and content approval processes support. In addition, the new system was desired to adapt to the already existing banking infrastructure with easy content migration and management processes in place.

“Liferay has led to faster and easier maintenance of our customer portal. As a result, we are able to serve our business needs much more rapidly and effectively, which in turn benefits our customer base.”

Ferenc Décsi

Head of Internet, DirectNet and Mobile, Raiffeisen Bank


Raiffeisen Bank examined many open source portal solutions including Java- and PHP- based systems and narrowed its search to Liferay Portal and another Java technology-based portal. Following tests on speed, technology and the level of ease involved in creating the main page of Raiffeisen.hu portal, the bank chose Liferay Portal to replace its old solution.

The Raiffeisen Bank team favored the CMS system in Liferay Portal over competing products for its open source nature, cluster opportunities, Java-based framework with JSR portlet standard support, easy-to-add applications, well-developed permission handling system, support for popular repositories, out-of-the-box applications that are easy to customize, and rich content management tools. The bank also found in Liferay Portal a solution that provided an array of convenient content management features such as drag-and-drop portlet entity publication, web content structures and templates that could be edited from the admin interface, categorization, staging, content versioning, content publication scheduling, a role-based permission handling system and a workflow engine.

Raiffeisen Bank was able to build a solution quickly on the Liferay platform that followed existing standards and provided an improvement to the bank's web appearance. The structure and content of the pages were easy to edit, leading to quick responses to business needs. The static contents were replaced with dynamic solutions, which facilitated the content publication process. Using Liferay Portal, the bank was able to give meta information on each page, which helps the search optimization process.

The project was implemented by Webtown, a Liferay Platinum Partner.

Business Values Added

The new portal framework allows Raiffeisen to react instantly to business needs that are critical in the ever-changing financial market. With support from Liferay Portal's pre- assembled templates and efficient CMS system, the bank is now able to easily produce the required campaign micro sites for online marketing activities within a couple of days.

Raiffeisen has also been able to achieve content management and scalability on each of these pages regarding the SEO through Liferay Portal functionalities such as the search friendly URLs or using the page level metadata associations.

From the beginning, Raiffeisen put an emphasis on considering the Liferay structure and to follow the pre-established CMS system regulation. Thus, the bank was able to create a very stable framework that could be operated easily and with very little intervention.


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