The RSPCA x Webtown Story

Webtown is a well-established business, operating since 2005. We started in Budapest, Hungary and now have four offices in Europe & the Middle East. But forget all the borders, you can contact us online anytime, anywhere. Having worked with Symfony since 2007 and with Liferay since 2010, we've been fortunate to have been involved in stunning web development projects for the world's best clients.

The RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) stands as the world's oldest and largest animal welfare charity, with a primary mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome animals, primarily in England and Wales. Their work, since 1824, is lifesaving, showcasing exceptional expertise in animal-related matters.

The Project


Collaborating on an ambitious project, the RSPCA and Webtown teams joined forces to create a six-page microsite built on the Liferay platform. The goal was to create an online platform that enhances internal communication and simultaneously advocates and promotes awareness of the animal welfare mission to a broader audience. It was crucial for the RSPCA that the digital space is aesthetically modern and user-friendly and contributes to promoting animal welfare.

Watch our short videos or download our whitepaper, and you can also find the full video material alongside.


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