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On the throne of DXPs for over a decade

Our common history

We are proud to have been a recognised development partner of Liferay since 2010.

Our history together started in 2010, and in 2011 we were among the first in the region to join Liferay's network of development partners. With hundreds of successful Liferay-based portal and DXP development projects behind us, we continue to look for new challenges. Together with Liferay DXP, we're evolving to ensure that our customers always have the best, most up-to-date solutions to facilitate digitization.

No matter if it's a customer portal, intranet, agent portal, integration platform or a completely custom feature set that you need, Liferay DXP always provides the most stable and secure base for your digital presence. 
It's secure, flexible, customizable and easy to use. 
It helps you become a leader, rather than just a follower of others in your industry.
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Expert opinion
10 years as a Leader
“Liferay is the leader you can rely upon.”
Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms


One platform. Endless Solutions

Integration Platforms

Fuel Digital Transformation With Enterprise Integration

By bringing legacy solutions into a unified system, companies save time and resources through eliminating silos, connecting databases and shortening business processes. Liferay DXP is a comprehensive software foundation that bridges the gap between the old and the new, empowering companies to succeed at innovation.

Customer Portals

Deliver Tailored Experiences Across the Entire Customer Journey

Customer experience goes beyond the point of purchase. An enterprise customer portal built on Liferay DXP enables your company to keep delivering value to customers after purchase, increasing retention and loyalty through easy self service experiences.

Partner Portals

Increase the Value of Your Partnerships

Partners play a key role in how companies beat the competition. Become their most valuable relationship with modern portal solutions that empower them to win at their business, so you can succeed at yours.


Tailored, Relevant Communication for Each Employee

Companies are leaning on digital tools to get work done faster, but that efficiency is lost when employees spend hours searching for the right information. Recapture this time with a modern intranet that brings critical knowledge and systems into one place, tailored for individual needs.


Take Control of Your Brand With Liferay DXP

Empower your stakeholders to ensure corporate brand consistency at every digital touchpoint and offer developers unmatched flexibility to configure, customize and extend the platform for your company’s business goals.

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