One key to civilisation is manufacturing efficiency. one key to efficiency is digitalisation.

Everything's about digitalisation

Manufacturing goes digital

Digitalization is fundamentally changing manufacturing.
Products, parts, and machines are closely interconnected, flawless communication is paramount.
B2B e-commerce, integrations and online collaboration have gained more and more relevance recently.

Liferay DXP lets business evolving.

Use Liferay DXP in order to accomplish a comprehensive data-driven view of the manufacturing process, develop B2B e-commerce, build integration platforms and provide self-service portals and join the real digital revolution to reach your goals.

Connecting data and people
from various systems and various backgrounds. Connected workflows and process.
Business processes
are designed around the customer. Mass production is substituted by mass customisation.
Time to market
is not only crucial for growth, but also for survival. Supporting the creation of new products and services is part of digitalisation.

Liferay DXP

Digital Experience Solutions for Manufacturers to Drive Growth & Encourage Loyalty

B2B Commerce

Deliver superior customer experiences, support complex B2B requirements, and drive adoption of your online sales channels utilizing digital experience tools with powerful commerce capabilities.

Distributor & Supplier Portal

Equip your distributors and suppliers to maximize their sales with easy access to critical knowledge and documentation, branding guidance, and product information.

Self-Service Customer Portal

Improve customer loyalty and reduce cost-to-serve with a self-service portal that streamlines processes and empower customers to manage their accounts, access knowledge, and solve problems independently.

Integration Platform

Connect all your data sources and easily integrate into backend systems like your ERP, PIM, CRM, to provide a unified view of accurate, real-time data on one platform.


One platform. Endless Solutions

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