This century is about teaching civilisation how to adapt to the digital world.
Education is about teaching.
You must be a leader in digitalisation.

Everything's about digitalisation

Education is about learning
and transfering the knowledge.

Digitalisation is the key to the knowledge of the future.

Modern education is not simply about having books and professors.
It's about providing digital experience because your students are your customers.
There's a competition between you and other universities, colleges, schools and other educational organisations.
And you want to win.
Digital solutions can help you.
Digital solutions can help you to dictate the pace and to be a compass for the youth.

Be the driving force of the future.


Empower your organisation to educate, organise and entertain at the same time.

Liferay DXP

A flexible platform to help you continue to get stronger 


All the organisations would like to standardise their processes to make the work in the background as smooth as it can be. Liferay DXP helps organisations to keep standardised processes while delivering personalised experiences on the front-end.

Digital Experience

With customised digital experiences you can attract and empower your users. Simple, engaging and personalised experiences can help your audience find what they are looking for. Quickly. Easily.


You don't have to work for your audience if you can provide modern and well-implemented self-service platform to make them able to take care of all their needs.

Integration Platform

Integrate all your backend systems and legacy software on a single platform. Whether it's an e-learning system, billing or alumni member registry software, Liferay DXP provides an excellent platform for a unified and easy-to-use access to all related services.


One platform. Endless Solutions

Expert opinion
10 years as a Leader
“Liferay is the leader you can rely upon.”
Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms