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We know your biggest doubts with DXP platforms, but Liferay is different

Liferay is easier to integrate

Most DXP platforms are hard to integrate with, but Liferay is different. It has received the highest scores for B2B and B2E use cases based on the  Critical Capabilities for Digital Experience Platforms Gartner Awards in 2021. Liferay shines in extensibility and integration, reaching an outstanding  4.2 score, over against 13 other examined surfaces.  It is based on Java Standards which facilitates the process of interconnecting to other systems (eg.: OSGi, OpenAPI, JSR, OASIS, SAML, OAuth).

Liferay supports multiple methods to expose data to other systems based on Web Services and a Headless approach (GraphQL, Rest).

Liferay is effortless to personalize

Liferay DXP 7.4  has an outstanding development framework.  Among others it provides adaptive media, which means it will automatically present the most appropriate image size based on the viewport width for images displayed in Content and Display Pages.  The Collection Display Fragment now supports filtering, searching, and sorting, to provide end-users with the ability to focus on exactly what is important for them. 
Fragments can be configured to be displayed or hidden for each available viewport, for example to hide certain information from mobile devices. Moreover, it is now possible to create sophisticated navigation for sites that are content-heavy using a number of new capabilities together.

Liferay is not difficult to learn

Liferay University is designed to make learning easy for anyone, who would like to use the system. The surface provides detailed documentation with unlimited access for every customer. Search the documentation database for practical and in-depth articles covering the entire Liferay product suite. Discover self-paced video learning on your schedule, and if you need custom help, you can request live help from our expert instructors.

The support is stronger than you think

Liferay provides fast and efficient support for all customers. Nevertheless, Webtown support is also always in your service, when you need, to avert any unexpected obstacles, so everyday work can go on smoothly.

When something has been published it is smoother to make changes afterwards

On the contrary - it is easy, because Liferay makes it possible to make collaborative modifications on any content which has been already published. You can also work concurrently with team members on the same or different publications, freeing you up to work on your own timelines.
When making your changes, you can switch between edit and production modes
You can then review and publish your changes immediately, or schedule them to be published at a later time. 
Each publication is instance-scoped and can be accessed anywhere, all changes are applied together when the publication is published.